Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet Winifred!

Whilst out with friends for afternoon tea i happened along this lonely fellow hiding inconspicuously behind a few books in an odd gift shop.After finally coaxing him to come out , this shy but loveable critter shared with me his life story, and why he has become:
"A Broken Flamingo"
Born in a sweat shop located somewhere in the sweatiest part of China , Winifred began life with others of his kind -stuffed, soft, and frequently.....abused.Thrown from shelf to shelf, carnival to carnival, pimped out to game rooms, and enduring constant travel in plastic bags in crowded, unsanitary conditions life was hard for this innocent and harmless bird.
"I didnt understand," says Wini "why couldnt i just be loved?"
Through the years he has met other animals who've dealt with these trials & tribulations. Many have now been so thoroughly abused, it is impossible to place them in any home.And, like Wini, some have even turned to drugs to block out the shame & pain of displacement, abandonment, and bullying by the elite stuffed animals- creatures such as Elmo,Wini the Pooh(no relation), and
"They think they're better than us generics and leftovers just because their famous. They ridicule and push us around in the toy boxes. Frequently we wind up under the bed, becoming fodder for the household pet"says Issac, a recent adoptee from the Stuffed Animal Rescue Mission(S.A.R.M)
Since coming to live with me winifred has cheered a bit , even following a few mishaps with my cats. He is hopeful knowing he finally has a good home.
Fending off cats is familiar to Wini. This time he has incurred an injury to his right ankle.He has been admitted to The West Shore Fur Fix Clinic for repair and physical therapy.
"A year from now I hope to be free of my addictions as well. I'm doing the 12 step program and feel really good about life for the first time."
Good luck Winifred...We are here for you!

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