Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's be Honest

Another decent day of teaching.I had 7 attendees last night but only one today. I assume that's the difference between the content of each class-today being those eligible to take the higher tech class.
What a long strange trip it's been on here as a blogger.
Allow me to mention that i have been blogging for about 2 years.It started out as a tool to pass a little of my experiences on to those who happened upon my site. Eventually evolving into my own self help tool to analyze where i had been , where i was now, and where i was going. Somwhere along the way, i began a sort of journal so my freinds & family could keep track of me...and since then i just dont know what it is.
Today i was reading another bloggers post who was exhaustively explaining what they felt was the reason they blog, why other people blog, and what they think about all that.Me personally, i dont care. I dont care about fans, or numbers or who has an opinion on the things i chose to write about. i started this for myself..and that's just being true to me.
I figure there are so many millions of bloggers out there with a gazillion different oppinions, and everyone gets a chance to blog or not blog. So where's the problem, and why rant about other bloggers techniques?
It simply will not matter over the long haul.
Dont get me wrong, i enjoy this bloggers posts..they are sometimes funny, sometimes offensive, sometimes self-serving and sometimes informative. I like variety..i say keep it coming , baby.
But i digress...
I really gotta start getting some kind of life back. I have looked around many a time these past few weeks and said "self, you used to be a lot happier..why are you killing yourself? when are you going to "get back into life" as the saying goes?"
Well, i decided last month that april first would be my new year. I am today starting my new routine, reflecting some long held values, and allowing a bit of pleasure back in. For one, i am going back to the gym regularly. I followed someones advice about 6 or 8 months ago to stop lifing and start doing more cardio..i started running and stopped going to the gym. This, however does not work for me.I need to lift , and lift i will.Also i finally made a hair appointment, staving off the struggle to be less vain and more "au natural" to age gracefully. Hogwash.
If you dont feel good about yourself, everything sucks...so diva will reign on this one.Started the tanning again as well....There's no reason to suffer for the sole appearance of being what someone else tells you that you ought to be. If someone is a less miserable person getting manicures, and wearing designer clothes...well i say "be yourself" and enjoy! Who am i to judge?
So ...get out there...do yourself a favor...let it all hang out! admit your weaknesses, admit your vanity, pride, or whatever you want to call it.Dont try to pretend you're above it all and "wise". Psst..here's a secret....None of us are wise.

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