Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get Some Uncommon Sense

I aquired a wonderful book whilst on vacation in VT. It's called "Keep your Brain Alive".
Several of the suggestions are as follows:
1. instead of waking up to smell the a different scent close to you to smell first thing- like vanilla, rosemary, or peppermint(fresh herbs or rose petals are awesome)
2. Shower with your eyes closed
3.brush your teeth with your non-dominate hand
4.take a different route to work(or the grocery store, or anywhere you drive often)
5.swap cars with a friend for a day
6.sit in the back seat while someone else drives
7.put different color gelatin filters over your desk lamp(or different colored bulbs)
8.learn braille
9.turn pictures upside down on your desk (or a desk clock, or an illustrated calendar )
10.change the order you eat your food: dessert, main course, appetizer.
11. eat naked(that one's from me)

The whole idea is to trick your brain and get it out of it's dull , boring habits.By stimulating different senses(and hence,different areas of the brain) you actually increase it's function and long term ability to adapt.
I find the whole idea invigorating and interesting and plan on trying all of the books' suggestions.It goes right along with my mantra of stepping outside the box.Try it!
& Happy Awakening!

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