Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Game for Ya!

I really wanted to post before i started my long, heavy week at work but it just didnt work out.I havent had a bad week so far..even been getting home by 8am !gasp! But , of course, being the pessimist i am, i expect the house of cards to fall at any moment.

My husband has been working on a nursery in preparation for my future grandchildren(i know- i am sooo jumping the gun, but i cant help it!) It looks like it will be really cute. I'll take some pictures soon post them.I'm still looking for a crib box spring thingy for the heirloom crib i want to use though. I did get to purchase some cutesie stuffed animals. I have decided on a Sesame Street theme and have started an embroidered blanket.Happy Grandma!Ha ha!

Ok, so what's with the above picture...

Here's the deal...this is a picture of everything i have to carry in my pockets at the hospital...add a few more flush syringes and you can imagine why i have to actually set aside a few minutes to "pack up" before i leave the house!It adds about an extra pound i gotta carry around all night.
So, i want to know if anyone out there can guess what ALL the items are and how many of each there are in the picture!?

My first online guessing game! Have at it! The winner will receive......... my unending admiration!lol!

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