Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a process they are ...the step by step photos of changing a spare "junk "room into a nursery...It started like this: Then we put together the heirloom crib...

The room was beautifully painted by Hubbs
And then a few accents were purchased

I have decided to go with a Sesame Street theme(neutral). I will soon post a few pics of the cute little closet door knobs we found and my progress on the embroidered blanket. In a few weeks or so we will be putting in the hard wood flooring i picked out last night.And then i can proceed with refinishing the crib, buying a spring & mattress,,curtains and linens...oh JOY!
I am planning on enjoying this!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes, the Unexpected!!!

I just went to to check when our refund was coming.
Would you believe ...for the first time i've ever heard of, the IRS themselves have actually made adjustments to our return...increasing our refund by $800!!!
That is so totally unexpected , i about fell out of my chair.
We will be using our refund toward my daughters wedding,but maybe now we will have a little something for our selves.
Funny how God works for you behind the scenes!!Love that guy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet Winifred!

Whilst out with friends for afternoon tea i happened along this lonely fellow hiding inconspicuously behind a few books in an odd gift shop.After finally coaxing him to come out , this shy but loveable critter shared with me his life story, and why he has become:
"A Broken Flamingo"
Born in a sweat shop located somewhere in the sweatiest part of China , Winifred began life with others of his kind -stuffed, soft, and frequently.....abused.Thrown from shelf to shelf, carnival to carnival, pimped out to game rooms, and enduring constant travel in plastic bags in crowded, unsanitary conditions life was hard for this innocent and harmless bird.
"I didnt understand," says Wini "why couldnt i just be loved?"
Through the years he has met other animals who've dealt with these trials & tribulations. Many have now been so thoroughly abused, it is impossible to place them in any home.And, like Wini, some have even turned to drugs to block out the shame & pain of displacement, abandonment, and bullying by the elite stuffed animals- creatures such as Elmo,Wini the Pooh(no relation), and
"They think they're better than us generics and leftovers just because their famous. They ridicule and push us around in the toy boxes. Frequently we wind up under the bed, becoming fodder for the household pet"says Issac, a recent adoptee from the Stuffed Animal Rescue Mission(S.A.R.M)
Since coming to live with me winifred has cheered a bit , even following a few mishaps with my cats. He is hopeful knowing he finally has a good home.
Fending off cats is familiar to Wini. This time he has incurred an injury to his right ankle.He has been admitted to The West Shore Fur Fix Clinic for repair and physical therapy.
"A year from now I hope to be free of my addictions as well. I'm doing the 12 step program and feel really good about life for the first time."
Good luck Winifred...We are here for you!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Game for Ya!

I really wanted to post before i started my long, heavy week at work but it just didnt work out.I havent had a bad week so far..even been getting home by 8am !gasp! But , of course, being the pessimist i am, i expect the house of cards to fall at any moment.

My husband has been working on a nursery in preparation for my future grandchildren(i know- i am sooo jumping the gun, but i cant help it!) It looks like it will be really cute. I'll take some pictures soon post them.I'm still looking for a crib box spring thingy for the heirloom crib i want to use though. I did get to purchase some cutesie stuffed animals. I have decided on a Sesame Street theme and have started an embroidered blanket.Happy Grandma!Ha ha!

Ok, so what's with the above picture...

Here's the deal...this is a picture of everything i have to carry in my pockets at the hospital...add a few more flush syringes and you can imagine why i have to actually set aside a few minutes to "pack up" before i leave the house!It adds about an extra pound i gotta carry around all night.
So, i want to know if anyone out there can guess what ALL the items are and how many of each there are in the picture!?

My first online guessing game! Have at it! The winner will receive......... my unending admiration!lol!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get Some Uncommon Sense

I aquired a wonderful book whilst on vacation in VT. It's called "Keep your Brain Alive".
Several of the suggestions are as follows:
1. instead of waking up to smell the a different scent close to you to smell first thing- like vanilla, rosemary, or peppermint(fresh herbs or rose petals are awesome)
2. Shower with your eyes closed
3.brush your teeth with your non-dominate hand
4.take a different route to work(or the grocery store, or anywhere you drive often)
5.swap cars with a friend for a day
6.sit in the back seat while someone else drives
7.put different color gelatin filters over your desk lamp(or different colored bulbs)
8.learn braille
9.turn pictures upside down on your desk (or a desk clock, or an illustrated calendar )
10.change the order you eat your food: dessert, main course, appetizer.
11. eat naked(that one's from me)

The whole idea is to trick your brain and get it out of it's dull , boring habits.By stimulating different senses(and hence,different areas of the brain) you actually increase it's function and long term ability to adapt.
I find the whole idea invigorating and interesting and plan on trying all of the books' suggestions.It goes right along with my mantra of stepping outside the box.Try it!
& Happy Awakening!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let it Never be Said......

Looking for that perfect mother of the bride dress. My daughter e-mails me some links and they are more my mom's style than mine. So i say"i'm looking for more glamour , a sexier dress(then add) like from frederick's ...haha!" You know what she saya?

She says she's going to pick out my dress..Ha!No way...i am a grown up...but here's the real kicker..she says "just be appropriate".
Isnt that something.

Now i have never shown up for any of her events (birthdays, graduations, etc) in anything inappropriate. So what gives? Was it the joke about Fredericks? anyway i have decided to give her a few links to ideas i have for my attire...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's be Honest

Another decent day of teaching.I had 7 attendees last night but only one today. I assume that's the difference between the content of each class-today being those eligible to take the higher tech class.
What a long strange trip it's been on here as a blogger.
Allow me to mention that i have been blogging for about 2 years.It started out as a tool to pass a little of my experiences on to those who happened upon my site. Eventually evolving into my own self help tool to analyze where i had been , where i was now, and where i was going. Somwhere along the way, i began a sort of journal so my freinds & family could keep track of me...and since then i just dont know what it is.
Today i was reading another bloggers post who was exhaustively explaining what they felt was the reason they blog, why other people blog, and what they think about all that.Me personally, i dont care. I dont care about fans, or numbers or who has an opinion on the things i chose to write about. i started this for myself..and that's just being true to me.
I figure there are so many millions of bloggers out there with a gazillion different oppinions, and everyone gets a chance to blog or not blog. So where's the problem, and why rant about other bloggers techniques?
It simply will not matter over the long haul.
Dont get me wrong, i enjoy this bloggers posts..they are sometimes funny, sometimes offensive, sometimes self-serving and sometimes informative. I like variety..i say keep it coming , baby.
But i digress...
I really gotta start getting some kind of life back. I have looked around many a time these past few weeks and said "self, you used to be a lot happier..why are you killing yourself? when are you going to "get back into life" as the saying goes?"
Well, i decided last month that april first would be my new year. I am today starting my new routine, reflecting some long held values, and allowing a bit of pleasure back in. For one, i am going back to the gym regularly. I followed someones advice about 6 or 8 months ago to stop lifing and start doing more cardio..i started running and stopped going to the gym. This, however does not work for me.I need to lift , and lift i will.Also i finally made a hair appointment, staving off the struggle to be less vain and more "au natural" to age gracefully. Hogwash.
If you dont feel good about yourself, everything diva will reign on this one.Started the tanning again as well....There's no reason to suffer for the sole appearance of being what someone else tells you that you ought to be. If someone is a less miserable person getting manicures, and wearing designer clothes...well i say "be yourself" and enjoy! Who am i to judge?
So ...get out yourself a favor...let it all hang out! admit your weaknesses, admit your vanity, pride, or whatever you want to call it.Dont try to pretend you're above it all and "wise".'s a secret....None of us are wise.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Write Ups

All ready to go for my next few days..had a very long , hard-working week..But now i start teaching classes for new nurse & home health aide recruits.
I've already done a peds prep class, but today is the home health aide one.I'm a bit nervous because i've never been one...oh is what it is, and what it is for me is extra income!lol!
I also want to give a shout out to my freind-SECRETS- for putting up with me on our VT trip...i know i complained alot. sorry- and thanks for taking me.
I am coming to the conclusion that i am just going to take one day at a time with the hospital job. It is so incredibly stressful , but i make it worse on myself by worrying about getting fired or written up. Aftre much conversation with other nurses there, i realize that being "written up" is a common occurance. Mainly because nurses can write up other nurses, and it becomes a petty little nit-picking cat fight thing.I will refer to it as "the write up game".It goes like this...
One day you come in for a shift, get report and start doing your have a tougher assignment than you thought and feel unprepared & resentful.So, you notice stupid little things that were'nt done that make your day a bit worse(like the nurse reporting off to you forgeting to replenish the bag of tube feed and it is low so you have to go get a can, or that there's no tape in the room you have to do a dressing on) and you spitefully decide to write them up.The next day or so they find out , and they decide to find something wrong,something you did or forgot...maybe signing off on the treatment sheet, or not labeling iv tubing for the change write them up. Back & forth it goes til someone either quits, gets fired or just stops the game. It's pretty dumb.
i refuse to write up someone unless they have endangered a life. Like hanging the wrong med on the wrong patient, or i see them abusing a patient.If that makes me a fool, or i dont get the same respect then oh well. I do believe in Karma.
Gotta run..much to do today!