Monday, March 22, 2010

Stress & more Stress

This week has been soooo long and stressful. My back is killing me and it wont let up. I want to start running regularly and going to the gym again after april 1st..i am just wondering if i'll be physically able!I am sure it's my job..i get so stressed & tense i actually ache from my shoulders on up for days after my shifts. and my back gets so bad i can barely walk, much less run.Most of it this past week is related to working 5 really rough shifts with only friday off(which didnt even touch my much needed relief). I had a high acuity 4 of the 5 days.
Tuesday was the start of it- i had 6 patients for the first time ever...i managed it- barely. i was so exhausted and wound up having to give report up to 7:30..This is the hours are supposed to be 6:45p-7:15a..i usually get there at 6:20 because i have to in order to get the kardex info and patient assignment, most of the time i get report over with by 8p so i can get started, but tues no one was even READY to give report til i got done with it at 8:30...starting my night out late from the beginning.
In the morning it took me til 8am to give report, finish charting,etc. and then i got called to the supervisors office-----i was blind-sided when she gave me a written warning...i thought i was doing well and she was going to commend me!!anywa, i was so sore and shocked and upset i couldnt defend myself. i went home , got into a huge fight with my hubbs(who has no frickin sympathy or kindness in him sometimes) and only slept 3 hours -waking up thinking about work. i went in early(5p) pulled out a bunch of old files that had been purged from the charts to PROOVE my innocence. The warning was rescinded, but my trust in the manager, and my nerves have never receovered. Everyday i go in with high blood pressure, fearing a write up.
The rest of the week the acuity of my assignments got worse & worse surmising in last night.
I had 6 patients -2 with critical drips, 2 with TPN, 3 with Svedman wound on a vent, one who had an unexpected MI that day, and a ton of labs to get on each patient. It was horrible. I havent gotten to eat lunch there all week..thank goodness for granola bars i had to sneak into the bathroom to eat (after 6 or so hours of holding my urine and no chance for even a bathroom break)..
They say it's bad everywhere. But i truly challenge someone to be in my position at such a place.Most of the nurses there who've been in ICU for many years with other relavant background experience are drowning ...
One said last night "this here is an ICU setting with critical drips like the ICU, but with a double and triple patient load of an ICU.We're really put in an impossible situation."

yeah--- and she's worked all over the U.S. for over 30 years. She said once that if you can survive here, you can work anywhere in the world, as long as you can speak the language.
Enough said.

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