Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Season Soon Passing

So, i just wanted to include a few photos here of the winter happenings in my life since the New Year began.I took precious few pictures with all the stress & business of the new job.
I was"nt completely isolated i ,but it sure felt like it.
I didnt do any 5k races since the one in December, although i have looked for a few online- hopefully will be one close to home in late spring!
My daughter's wedding plans are coming along-she has the place, the pastor, the photographer, the caterer, and probably the cake maker. Her dress is paid for and ordered.She has been very busy & vigilant. I have only been along for the ride!lol!
As you know, a few of the events this year have been:
1. losing one of the two new jobs (&stressing over the hospital one!)
2. the death of my dog, Tessa
3.The sweetheart banquet with my hubby
4. the purchase of new leather furniture(related to my allergy problem)
5.going roller skating with a friend(has been years since i did that!)
6. visiting my niece(see below) and my grandmother
7.taking many online classes related to my hospital job

Yep..that's been the jist of my year. Not much to blog about in the sense of being interesing, but looking back, at least proves to me i had some contact with the outside world.
At the end of this month i have plans to go to Vermont for a few days with a friend. That should be interesting.This weekend i will be babysitting my niece for a few hours.And by the way(TADA!) i am finally on my own at the hospital as of this past Saturday & things went fairly well...PHEW!
So , i will keep posting as i am able and continue to hope for a moment of creative venture. Have a great week everyone!

Gavin-my only grandchild(so far!)

The big snow- our driveway!

My beautiful niece,Mikki...

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