Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In everyones life there are moments. Today was one of mine.
I realized that :
-i had spent the day teaching others how to take care of trached & vented infants,
-came home & ran three miles....
-relaxed with one solitary glass of wine
-and began reading & enjoying a book about Jesus.
Maybe not such a big deal to most.
But anyone who has known me for years will know exactly how impossible it is that i can do all of this today. Anyone who knows my background, my limitations, my personality can attest that even 8-10 years ago no one, least of all me, would have seen any of this coming!
I would no sooner have believed myself that i would become a nurse as i would have believed i'd work for NASA.I smoked so heavily that i could barely walk a mile without getting out of breath.I couldnt stop at just one glass of wine..i needed shots of sambouca, bars & after hours dance clubs to fulfill me.And there was no way in Hades i would have picked up ANY book with the word Christ or Lord in it.
I can truly attest, as living proof, of the power of God .There is simply no other way this life i lead would have occured naturally.It is highly probable that most people who lived like i did would have been out on the streets, homeless, abusing drugs, or in prison.Without going in to detail, many of my aquaintances from those days are doing just that.
I recall that, in some rare moment of noticing the glory surrounding me , and in great sorrow at my prospects for happiness i prayed a hard fought prayer and asked, begged...for God to help me.And looking back to that "moment"(as i do from time to time) i know that it was divine interevention that saved my pitiful life.
Some who read this might scoff, and make excuses, rationalize or reason away the events as coincidence, personal motivation,hard work or even luck...But i know the truth.
And in these small moments as i go about my day, suddenly noticing the miracle of my life..i am beyond words in gratitude for a loving, forgiving, and all powerful God.

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