Saturday, March 20, 2010

Going through the Motions

Still steam rolling along the great and scary highway of life. This week was my "heavy" week=tues,weds, thurs, sat & sun. Next week is "light" week=off mon,tues,weds, fri, sat, sun,mon--yes! i only work thurs and dont go back till the following tuesday!This is also the weekend i go to Vermont.
I'm trying to decide what to do up there.The first year i relaxed with massages,etc. Went out drinking to the local bar caves. Last year i was studying for my clinicals.I know i will do a little shopping(my moms birthday) but since i dont ski.....
Oh well, at least i'll be away from home-NO HOUSEWORK.
I do wonder what the room will be like that we're staying in.I am hoping for a kitchenette & decent bed.
Almost time to go to work..the dreaded countdown begins. Last shift i go in , had 6 patients.In the middle of report on the first one, another nurse runs down the hall saying"you need to start a Dopamine drip on your patient in rm#..."I am freaking out. I have no idea who this patient is and he is a new admit.By the time all that was squared away (30 minutes later) i STILL had to get report on the other patients. What a freakin' night!It turned out ok though.
My stomache is in knots evrytime i have to go to work there. I decided today that even if i had a whole summer off it would not be enough if i knew i had to go back there. I hope i can live through this.

Peace out!

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