Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Night-Stratton i am in this poor excuse for a hotel at the end of ski season in Stratton, VT.Let me tell you about my first night. We arrived at about 6pm..loaded our stuff to the room and , after discovering the endless LACK of amenities, took the shuttle to dine at the village restaurant-Mulligans. We paid $13.00 a piece for a grilled chicken salad(which was fairly yummy) and came back to watch "Blindside" on a rigged up PC laptop -we had to sit the computer on a chair between the beds and run the cord to an outlet. This, because there's no dvd player in the room tv.
Among the other things lacking is a decent coffee pot. The one in here was probably on the clearance rack of Walmart for two bucks, and was used by Fred Flintstone as a child. It holds 4 cups of water which takes about 10 minutes to brew, and does not have a drip stop.NO microwave.
Another lovely feature is the broken shower spigot handle. You get a wonderful sense of adventure as you never know from moment to moment what temperature your water will be....depending on when your neighbor starts to shower or flush the toilet.When we did turn off the lights at 11:30 ,i nestled down into my pint size overlysoft pillow and managed to sleep a few winks in between being awakened by slamming doors, my friend snoring, and his alarm clock at 6:15(which he didnt hear & i had to wake him for).Approxmately 1 hour later, he returned to the room from the continental breakfast and proceeds to turn on a light directly in line with my face and rustle loudly through plastic bags to get dressed. Finally he leaves, i fall back asleep( covering my head with the dwarf pillow) and soon discovered that the do not disturb sign had not been placed on the door as i was suddenly awakened by a large black lady droning"HOUSEKEEPING" at me live from my bedside. ARRRRgh.So, i am stuck i this little room to play alone until my friend returns from the slopes at 1:30..
What's a woman to do? Well, here below you will see that i did the "girly "thing and had my self a little make over session. Please note, start to finish, the deep , dark circles which have formed under my eyes for just such an occasion...

And thats the way i begin my day in sunny, cold, Vermont. The upside???We get to go to Stowe this afternoon to shop!!hooray!

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