Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awesome Energy

To keep up with a daily assignement of running, and working i need a few items...

Just after a run, or anytime really...
Fully locked & loaded every mornin' with extra bold!

Absolutely the best supplement-bar none

My fav energy drink..
I've had some good results with these items and a few others including Acai juice, Goji berry juice,green tea and of course physical exercise.
In spite of all this..
I hope i can someday soon afford botox.....i just tried taking about a dozen pics of myself only to be disgusted at the aging that has taken place in such a short period of time.Now, if i were,like, famous & had a boatload of money anyway, i probably wouldnt care since hopefully my looks would have already been part of what made me the money(maybe).
But to sit here in the real world ,looking at photos of days gone by , and my increasingly wrinkled , drooping face is a real downer.
Anyway, i really dont care that i should "age gracefully" or that looks shouldnt matter or tha i should be "comfortable in my own skin." No, i want new skin, thank you very much. And i want to age like a cat-they never look old!Mostly ,people- looks DO matter. If they didnt, none of our advertisement would contain human beings.Especially young, beautiful humans.
So i ill continue to pursue my dream of getting that botox.
On another note i thought i'd share that my neice was sick this weekend so i had to take her home early -she cried almost the whole visit & had a fever. Oh well! better luck next time...

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