Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Paralysis

During this Snowmageddon that we're currently experiencing, i am again stuck within the confines of 4 walls .
Unable to make it safely to work, and since i have risked life and limb these last two snow storms to make it in- today i declined.
I have used the time(in between watching storm coverage)to catch up on a book i purchased a few weeks ago called "A Call to Nursing" by Paula Sergi & Geraldine Gorman.It contains a whole bunch of short stories compiled from nurses. Some who quit the feild, new nurses, experienced ones, non traditional nurses,etc.It is so interesting reading the various oppinions of my colleagues, their stories, and even some poems. But one in particular stood out to me because it completely encompasses my stance at this time(on th heels of last night shift where my patient coded & died). Here is an excerpt by Jo Ann Papich, RN- one of those who quit:

"You cannot have a bad day.You are responsible for the lives of other human beings.You are exposed to diseases. You are exposed to violent patients.You cannot give tylenol unless the dr. says so, but you can run a code.You also get blamed when a patient does not get what he or she wanted on on dinner tray.Administrators cut your staffing by one nurse per shift but expect the same quality of carefrom you-and they need you to work "extra".
If you are sick, if you or a loved one is in the hospital,please remember this.Nursing is one of the most difficult jobs there is.It challenges the nurse physically,mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.Remember taht your nurse is overworked and tired.Remember there is a shortage of people who are willing to put themselves through this much stressday after day.Please appreciate your nurse while you still have one."

Amen to that.

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