Sunday, February 28, 2010

A page from the Book of Blase

I have learned.....
That all things are possible .
That my mom was right, i would some day WANT to take a bath.
That just when you think you've done all you can, you can do more.
That animals are still wild no matter how long they have been trained.
That men do prefer blondes.
That the best student makes the best teacher.
That killing them with kindness is a win-win .
That God really does love us.
That good freinds are rarer than gold.
That i cannot play pool worth a darn.
That anyone can reinvent themselves.
That your kids will always need you.
That your family is more important than you think.

BUT, most importantly!
That forgiving promptly and completely is the only way that counts!

1 comment:

Blasé said...

'SOME' men prefer blondes.

Blasé ain't one of those men...