Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh , the Snow!

There is snow.
Yesterday, i had almost made it home from work. I got to within 3 houses of my own when a 4 wheel drive vehicle coming the other way down the development road did not stop or back up to let me keep going up the hill. i had the speed i needed to get up it, until that point. So , of course, i got stuck, blocking the whole development . Ironically , a few minutes later , my husband arrived home and, seeing my car, attempted to go the other way around the development and he got stuck.A car behind me also went into the embankment.
What's so frustrating about the whole thing is that we both made it the whole way home from work only to get stuck in the development like that. And we knew it was going to happen because the township does a real sh*tty job of getting to us with their plows. Even when they do make it, they carve a one lane, barely -big-enough-for-a -VW path so that no one can pass each other and there's no where to pull into(since the snow piles up in hills in front of driveways.)It is completely ridiculous. My husband and son had to dig me out & push the car .Also of note here is that none of the neighbors came out to help me, inspite of the fact that we always help everyone snowblow and shovel.
At any rate, the stupid weather also kept me from working yesterday. I couldnt get to any appointments and lost a good days pay (about 300 dollars). I hadnt gotten a paycheck this past week, so it really sucked.
I am going out on 2 appointments today though,and i pray that i can find parking.Our church services were cancelled since they couldnt get the lot cleared in time.
I'm a bit light-headed again today, but at least i'm not at the hospital, which , by the way was extremely boring on nightshift.It was so quiet, and i was bored to peices most of the night. If all my nightshifts are like that, i will be losing all the speed skills i have developed.But i do get to draw labs and learn how to "stick" people for blood.I suppose when i have the full patient load of 6 it will be busier.
So for now that's the news. Hopefully i am not boring ya'll to death with my posts lately. I havent felt too creative and in fact wasted 4 hours yesterday trying to paint a picture with no decent results.Someone has stolen my talent and creativity.
Cannot WAIT for Spring.

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