Saturday, January 9, 2010

okay, okay! so i have been a naughty girl already and 2010 just started!I havent been able to be faithful to my blog.I should be spanked.
It's just that i've been putting in 13 -16 hour days. Sometimes even 20 hour ones.What the h*ll was i thinking- 2 jobs!i really dont make any more money than i did and i'm working like a dog.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am already learning so much that i can use in a future nursing job.That is the goal , after all...learn as much as possible for the next 2 years then take it on the road!
Today, after a 72 hour work week, i decided to take a baby break. That's right. I stopped in to see the cutest little baby in (my) whole neice Mikkki. She is just getting cuter & cuter and is just heading into the "golden age" of babyhood....age 4 -9 months. During this period of life a human learns at the fastest rate he or she will ever learn thoughout their entire life. Yup, you never again learn quite so fast.In fact, that would make a great case for the fact that its all down hill from here!At any rate, my personal oppinion is that this is also the cutest stage of life, with a close second coming in at age 18 months when the first signs of reason start to become apparent.
Example: "no!"..hmmmm, mommy & daddy really act out when i say this ! i think i'll try it again, and again.....
After my visit i went home , worked more, then took.... a kitty break...again i was not faithful to my own felines.(Spank !) I secretly contracted with my daughter to have her fiance send a few cute pics of their new kitten to me via phone.
Would this count as "kitty porn?" lol!
The only news i can really give right now is that i'm considering closing down shop here in the blogosphere. I am finding less & less time to write.It truly takes a boatload of my residual energy to get out the computer, sign on & find a moment & place to write.If i continue, it will only be sporadic.
On the plus side of life though, hubbs made good on my christmas gift. I indulged in a 3 day stint of retail therapy and now own a new $1500 wardrobe. I can officially dress up for almost any occasion. But mostly it "suits" my management job.
I have only been running 4 times in the last month ,too.
So on that note i will get off here for now...happy new year all!!!

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Blasé said...

I completely understand. You can only do what you can do. You don't need a spanking, you need rest.

Peace and Love