Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lost & Found

The Lost Story:
Today was absolutely awful. i worked 3 straight shifts at the hospital and then, despite not sleeping well, got up at 6am to start aday with the agency that wouldnt end til after midnight. Upon arriving at the office, i was told that the position i was given was meant to be full time and that i couldnt work at the hospital simultaneously since i cannot be available on those days. Additionally, they said that even if i quit the other job that the position is only was only to be temporary until they found a clinical manager candidate who meets their other experience requirements ( minimal of 1 year RN , plus the rest of the job description that i wasnt informed of). Needless to say, i was blind-sided.
Basically, what this means is that i was stripped of my case load, had to turn in my phone, and will be meeting with a corporate person next thursday so we can discuss what to "do with me."
I will get paid 8 hours for today & tomorrow and have been assured that i am NOT fired, none of this was my fault, i didnt do anything wrong, i was just "misinformed".
What a crock.
After i just spent $1500 on business attire thinking that after 2 months i could start thinking along the lines of presenting a professional image to represent the company,now i have no use for it.Nice to have clothes for church, but i could've gotten more stuff for less at Khols.
The Found Story:
So, anyway...i came home cried for a little while then decided to cut off 6 " of my hair, get a tan,color my grays,and make an appointment at the doctors to deal with my A.D.D. issues. I am now looking at a plate of 5 cinnamon buns with icing(minus one that i've scarfed down) and am thinking about devouring the rest.Oops, there goes another one.
Do you think i am dealing with it?I think i'll even paint my toenails later.
Yes, this after losing my dog saturday and busting my butt trying to balance both jobs and work piles of hours .i was losing weight at first. But now I have put on 5 lbs. as well from not having time to run or work out and eating on the fly. I have been unavailable to my family, have had no time for freinds or socializing or even responding to emails.And this was my reward.
A great big punch in the gut.


Anonymous said...

~sends you a hug~

I hope this gets straightened out soon. Please hang in there. I know I didnt have time to talk to you the other day. And on my off days, the last thing I want or need to think about is work. Its been stressful. But please, dont hesitate to call if you need to talk.


nirvana diva said...

thanks dear. it was a lot like getting arrested.i was stripped of all my stuff and humiliated without any warning whatsoever.only, i cannot figure out what my crime was.oh well, time for looking forward. you are doing a wonderful job & i'm glad for you....and i mean that!!!