Friday, January 22, 2010

Going Strong

So, to focus on the job i still have...(at least i hope)
and please remember....sarcasm is my coping mechanism.
This past week i have seen the following patients:
1. a beautiful woman who is now in an all but vegetative state due to her own son beating her with a baseball bat and stabbing her in the head.She 's got a boatload of cranial stitches, is on a vent, cannot speak or see (thanks to a blown optic nerve) and has multi organ failure.the son is in jail.
2. a strong strapping elderly white collar worker who was so virulent in life he was still working in his career and growing all of his own food until he fell from a ladder hanging christmas lights in december. half of his skull is missing. a total tragedy, but he actually is doing better.
3. a man who abuses alcohol, is non compliant with his meds, now is trached & vented and has to wear mitts to keep him from pulling out all the tubes that keep him stable. plus he really enjoys taking a swing at me when he gets a chance.
4.and last but not least , a bariatric patient with (guess what?) poor hygiene,tached & vented, on two sedations drips, has a fecal management bag, and who ALSO likes to pull out his tubes and pull iv poles over on himself, tries to get out of bed as sooon as you're not looking (he cannot bear his own weight)...with this one, the list goes on.
I'm looking forward to doing rectal stims and emptying colostomy bags & foleys this week. Can you stand it? i know you're jealous!
i guess you can see why i sing with joy on my way in to work.....loving it!

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