Friday, January 29, 2010

It does come in three's

First, the dog.
Then, the job.
Now, Hypothyroidism.
Got the lab work back and waiting for the doctor to decide what to do about it. At least it explains why i've been so exhausted & disoriented for several months.
I mean, it didnt make any sense why it got so bad . I was at the point where i thought it was my A.D.D. getting worse with age. I have been lightheaded, unable to concentrate, and totally fried most of the time. I didnt even notice the other symptoms, or rather, i didnt connect the dots. Until now. The only thing unusual is that instead of gaining weight, i actually lost 5 lbs. My scale must be wrong, i thought i gained. but everyone was telling me how skinny i was getting.hmm..oh well.
I had the meeting with the agency about the job thing yesterday. More on that later. But for now, i do know that i am keeping the hospital job . And they told me in an evaluation weds. that i am doing really well. phew!i have to switch to nightshift though after next week for night orientation. And if a dayshift position opens up they will offer it to me(per the nurse manager).
And that's what's happening in my neck of the woods....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sneakin in a Short one

The last two days at the hospital went fairly well. i balanced 4 patients without any difficulty. mostly because there was no chaos (it was a laid back weekend). During the week it is much, much worse as we discharge & have admissions sometimes several in day day for one person. i am not THAT good yet. But i had a day with 4 pts/1 discharge/ one admission last week. Of course ,my precepter helped.
Did some lab draws this week and some other new procedures. now, i have only one day of work til next week since the week runs friday through friday. nice to have so much free time, but i'll probably be bored.
I'm dieing to sleep now..sionara!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Going Strong

So, to focus on the job i still have...(at least i hope)
and please remember....sarcasm is my coping mechanism.
This past week i have seen the following patients:
1. a beautiful woman who is now in an all but vegetative state due to her own son beating her with a baseball bat and stabbing her in the head.She 's got a boatload of cranial stitches, is on a vent, cannot speak or see (thanks to a blown optic nerve) and has multi organ failure.the son is in jail.
2. a strong strapping elderly white collar worker who was so virulent in life he was still working in his career and growing all of his own food until he fell from a ladder hanging christmas lights in december. half of his skull is missing. a total tragedy, but he actually is doing better.
3. a man who abuses alcohol, is non compliant with his meds, now is trached & vented and has to wear mitts to keep him from pulling out all the tubes that keep him stable. plus he really enjoys taking a swing at me when he gets a chance.
4.and last but not least , a bariatric patient with (guess what?) poor hygiene,tached & vented, on two sedations drips, has a fecal management bag, and who ALSO likes to pull out his tubes and pull iv poles over on himself, tries to get out of bed as sooon as you're not looking (he cannot bear his own weight)...with this one, the list goes on.
I'm looking forward to doing rectal stims and emptying colostomy bags & foleys this week. Can you stand it? i know you're jealous!
i guess you can see why i sing with joy on my way in to work.....loving it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lost & Found

The Lost Story:
Today was absolutely awful. i worked 3 straight shifts at the hospital and then, despite not sleeping well, got up at 6am to start aday with the agency that wouldnt end til after midnight. Upon arriving at the office, i was told that the position i was given was meant to be full time and that i couldnt work at the hospital simultaneously since i cannot be available on those days. Additionally, they said that even if i quit the other job that the position is only was only to be temporary until they found a clinical manager candidate who meets their other experience requirements ( minimal of 1 year RN , plus the rest of the job description that i wasnt informed of). Needless to say, i was blind-sided.
Basically, what this means is that i was stripped of my case load, had to turn in my phone, and will be meeting with a corporate person next thursday so we can discuss what to "do with me."
I will get paid 8 hours for today & tomorrow and have been assured that i am NOT fired, none of this was my fault, i didnt do anything wrong, i was just "misinformed".
What a crock.
After i just spent $1500 on business attire thinking that after 2 months i could start thinking along the lines of presenting a professional image to represent the company,now i have no use for it.Nice to have clothes for church, but i could've gotten more stuff for less at Khols.
The Found Story:
So, anyway...i came home cried for a little while then decided to cut off 6 " of my hair, get a tan,color my grays,and make an appointment at the doctors to deal with my A.D.D. issues. I am now looking at a plate of 5 cinnamon buns with icing(minus one that i've scarfed down) and am thinking about devouring the rest.Oops, there goes another one.
Do you think i am dealing with it?I think i'll even paint my toenails later.
Yes, this after losing my dog saturday and busting my butt trying to balance both jobs and work piles of hours .i was losing weight at first. But now I have put on 5 lbs. as well from not having time to run or work out and eating on the fly. I have been unavailable to my family, have had no time for freinds or socializing or even responding to emails.And this was my reward.
A great big punch in the gut.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Sad Day

...and then Tessa was no more.
Rest in peace ,my beloved pet of 14 1/2 ARE missed!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

okay, okay! so i have been a naughty girl already and 2010 just started!I havent been able to be faithful to my blog.I should be spanked.
It's just that i've been putting in 13 -16 hour days. Sometimes even 20 hour ones.What the h*ll was i thinking- 2 jobs!i really dont make any more money than i did and i'm working like a dog.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am already learning so much that i can use in a future nursing job.That is the goal , after all...learn as much as possible for the next 2 years then take it on the road!
Today, after a 72 hour work week, i decided to take a baby break. That's right. I stopped in to see the cutest little baby in (my) whole neice Mikkki. She is just getting cuter & cuter and is just heading into the "golden age" of babyhood....age 4 -9 months. During this period of life a human learns at the fastest rate he or she will ever learn thoughout their entire life. Yup, you never again learn quite so fast.In fact, that would make a great case for the fact that its all down hill from here!At any rate, my personal oppinion is that this is also the cutest stage of life, with a close second coming in at age 18 months when the first signs of reason start to become apparent.
Example: "no!"..hmmmm, mommy & daddy really act out when i say this ! i think i'll try it again, and again.....
After my visit i went home , worked more, then took.... a kitty break...again i was not faithful to my own felines.(Spank !) I secretly contracted with my daughter to have her fiance send a few cute pics of their new kitten to me via phone.
Would this count as "kitty porn?" lol!
The only news i can really give right now is that i'm considering closing down shop here in the blogosphere. I am finding less & less time to write.It truly takes a boatload of my residual energy to get out the computer, sign on & find a moment & place to write.If i continue, it will only be sporadic.
On the plus side of life though, hubbs made good on my christmas gift. I indulged in a 3 day stint of retail therapy and now own a new $1500 wardrobe. I can officially dress up for almost any occasion. But mostly it "suits" my management job.
I have only been running 4 times in the last month ,too.
So on that note i will get off here for now...happy new year all!!!