Saturday, December 19, 2009


Stuck inside today with this massive snowstorm as are most people out my way. I can only give a shout out to the skiiers (spelling?) who are probably ecstatic!
I was up at 5:30am (not by choice) and since no one else was to be home with me, i started doing the thing that came most my house.I really almost hate doing it these days whereas in my youth it was a soothing balm, a mindless activity, a therapy of sorts.
The only other thing to do is watch tv(watched the weather for an hour) watch movies(i watched Julie & Julia) and read...which i will do later.Of course i am leaving out the obvious-eating.
So far i've had eggs, sausage, and toast, coffee, tea and cocoa, plus a granola bar and a banana and it's only 1pm!!
My cats are driving me nuts . They seem to now believe i am their babysitter owing to the fact i've been home all week and follow me around constantly. My allergies are through the roof.
I have yet to take the rest of my tests online. And i will be taking another class on Christmas eve (joy).I have only ran once since the 5k and my bum is getting numb just sitting around here.
Tomorrow i gotta brave this snow and go on three supervisory visits.I really hope they have most of the roads plowed.It's hell getting these hours in but i need all i can get.
Well, i guess it's back to boredom for me...sniff..

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