Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seizing The Day (Today, anyway)

So, Christmas is over.
The dinner went fairly well, considering i wasnt sure when to expect everyone with the weather forecast. The weather guys never got it straight..first ice rain half the day , then saying light rain. then it was in the morning, then they changed it to afternoon. You just cant rely on it.
Today it seems to be drizzling, a bit windy - but still the temp is pretty good. i'll either run outside or go to the gym. I truly gotta get off my a** and exercise somehow.My butt has gotten flat as a pancake this year , and droopy. I feel like a 60 year old lady.
I have to go back to the hospital monday. Dreading the 4 days of it next week. it seems like i go in (after repeating my motivation mantra,and talking myself into a positive frame of mind) and then when i start getting report a mudslide comes down and the rest of the day i am just trying to get out alive.On the other hand, the clinical management job kinda got sucky last time i worked as well. I lost two cases through no fault of my own-but it sure felt like it.One of the cases asked for me to be reassigned because they felt uncomfortable with me since i used to take care of their kid(weird-they used to really like me). The other one is the beginning of an avalanche. It seems the agency has a policy that family members cant work at the same case. Meaning anywhere my daughter goes or has been. I anticipate LOTS of problems there. And i have a bad feeling that the agency is going to tell me to commit, or quit.
Anyway, what did i get for Christmas?
i got two blank canvasses , an acrylic art easel for traveling,perfume, a movie, a trivial pursuit game, soap,a coffee mug,a chia pet, itunes gift card, a ped egg,and a few other misc items.Oh ! My brother gave me a really cool painting from his tattoo shop that i had been eyeing a while back. that was pretty awesome.
Well, time to get in the tub...wishing you all a Happy holiday season!

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