Saturday, December 12, 2009

Race Day !

Woot !Woot! Another 5 k race day!Cold as ice out there , by golly,too. At least it's supposed to above freezing. My husband, daughter & her fiance will be running as well.
Had a loooong week. The first 3 days i was at the hospital. And, even though my preceptor said she would not do it, she gave me 1 patient the first day, 2 the second, & 3 the third. I did pretty well with 2. But 3 was exhausting.
These werent "complicated" patients...just had picc lines, chest tubes, oxygen, iv push meds, etc.Yeeesh! Apparnently my next patient will have these things plus be on a vent, with dialysis,blood transfusions and/or cardio drips, and who knows what else. Probably wound vacs at least.
Then i had 2 days with the clinical management thing...8 hours, then 10 hours. LOTS of paperwork, and some visits...i definitely need more time in the office if i'm gonna be able to swing this thing.
I'm still eating like crap..sustaining on granola bars & fruit juice.But i force myself to make & eat a salad each night before bed.I've lost several pounds and have to keep reminding myself to drink far as the artificial sweetener thing, i am still not using it. But i forgot tht my gum is sugarless. I will have to remedy that.
I did discover , also, that if i go to the pharmacist and get the claritin "D", my allergies are 75% better. It contains the pseudoephedrine that used to be in actifed (which worked great for me years ago) . But sometime in this decade they removed that ingredient because people were making crack with it. I didnt realize how important that ingredient is for my allergies.But now i feel a lot better.
My "fogginess" continues. Either i'm just getting older, it's the artificial sweeteners still in my brain, i'm chronically dehydrated, or i have a blood pressure problem. I'll have to keep trying.
Ok ..i gotta eat...i miss blogging.Truly.
Have a smile's on me!

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