Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kissing Frosty !

So far it's been a long week of classes. I sit in front of a computer for 6-8 hours. Then a day or so later the test is on another site .Yesterday made me was EKG stuff and i am so clueless. i need to ask to take the "slower" classes, and i've never had to do that before. Quite humbling.

I've been running outside even in this cold weather. It's rough and i wheeze for about a 1/2 hour afterwards(cold lungs). My toes get numb and my nose gets so red, i could be having an affair with a snowman!

My daughter & her fiance ,plus me & my husband ran the jingle bell 5k this past weekend.Hubbs came in at 24 minutes or so. he was #151. The best time was 16 minutes! i did 31:43( mostly because i got a slow start trying to stay with my daughter- it was her first race. But when she decided to walk after about 10 minutes, i had to run ahead.No way am i paying $20 to walk a race. But she still did well..only 7 or 8 minutes behind me.We both came in somewhere at the 300's. fiance maninly started walking after a few minutes and comlpleted it in 48 minutes...we dogged him for about an hour!

In other news, my dog is crapping all over her new bed just about everyday. I almost vomit when i go down to give her meds. i washed the cover two days ago and its all disgusting again.The vet says her quality of life will continue to decline, but she still has good muscle tone and even gained a 1/2 lb. So she is doing fairly well. Guess i'll be slowing down on those stool softeners though.

Well, it's back to the grind...Got a very full month ahead of me. Work almost everyday. Can't wait til Christmas!

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