Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Break in The Clouds

After another couple of grueling, exhausting, and frustrating days i am finally settling in today for a few EKG classes online. After taking the fast track ones last week i realized i needed more practice. Although it's Christmas Eve, and i am not real sure these two classes are the ones i need, i'll at least be home instead of emptying bloody bedpans and sliding around in Mrsa, C-Diff , and other various germs that contaminate hospital floors. I will also not be expected to change central line dressings, know the rate to push iv drugs, have to figure out any new equipment on my own, or have to stand in a doorway with a plastic gown & gloves waiting for someone to help me turn or reposition a patient. Whew!
Nope! Just me & my computer.
And, well, a room full of presents that need to be wrapped , and a a dinner that needs to be prepared for tomorrow.But so far today i have been productive- making phone calls, ordering a new stethoscope,printing out EKG practice strips,and refilling a prescription online.
Next up, breakfast.
My stomache is growling and i still have been having lots of dizzy spells( which sometimes are relieved by actually eating.
Yesterday i spent all day 8a-6;30PM driving to cases for supervisory visits, as well as to the office for paper work.Then -again- i left my house at 8:45pm to do another one and got back home by 12:15 am. LOOOONG day.
I'm still undecided as to what to do about both jobs. To be honest, at this point i am not liking either one, and am a bit depressed wondering if i should have bothered to change jobs at all.I hardly make any more money than i did , but now i have so much overwhelming responsiblity and stress plus longer , more erratic hours. Additionally, i have no energy for physical fitness and have only run one time since the 5k. Of course no gym time for months.
I guess it will all come down to next month. I have a feeling the clinical managemebt meeting on the 7th will be a pivotal point, if not a deciding factor. Intuition tells me that the agency is going to demand that i give them full time hours, and say i am not carrying my load like the other CM's.
We'll see. A person can only try so much and take so much. I can only work so many hours and my brain can only process information at a certain rate. I worry alot about whether the hospital will let me go,too. I feel like i am so far away from being competent.
Ok then, i gotta go...gut is now growling at me...Have Merry one , all!

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