Sunday, November 1, 2009

A word from the overly sensitive.....

Another day, another dog.
On an especially grueling run tonight, i had another encounter with the canine species. This time, it was on a new route, a backroad.Fortunately, i yelled twice really aggressively(gut reaction) and he turned tail & ran.I had my pepper spray, but thank goodness i didnt have to use it because after the fact, i tried to open it from its pouch and i had to pry it open with my teeth.Like that's gonna help while i'm being attacked.
Live & learn.
I transferred it out of its case and carried it in my hand after that placing my ipod in my zipper pouch.
When i got back home, i realized that the sensor to my tracking device had stopped picking up since it was in the pouch. Boy was i p.o.'d!
Stupid dog.
On a humorous side , though, when i told my daughter , she said"Geeze, you smell like bacon?"lol! She kills me sometimes.
Tonight was trick or treat in my neighborhood.I hadnt realized it was starting so early until at 6pm the doorbell rang. A gaggle of about 7 -10 kids were there so i put out a basket full and said "here ya go, help yourself"(my hair was still wet and dinner was on the stove). I went out about 15 minutes later and over HALF the candy was gone. Darn greedy varmits!after that i sat outside with it , doling out 1-2 pieces per kid, went inside for 5 minutes and the rest of it was gone. Less than an hour.I turned the lights out, and went in to relax.
The thing that bothered me most about this years Halloween was that most of the kids were'nt even dressed up, and didnt say anything (no "trick or treat", or even thank-you).It just aint like it used to be...i must just be getting old.
Plus , in the past few years my husband and/or my son was out there on the porch with me, this year both were working. So, i didnt dress up like i usually did either. Kind of a let down year. Oh well.
And, the family saga continues, but i'll not go into that anymore.
So, a good friend of mine told me tonight (and maybe this is why i have so many problems) that after listening to his story, i started talking about myself. Hmmm.Of course , i was offended.I had only started a few words of the response to his story when he said this, and i was only getting ready to relay a similar story (to share my agreement that people can be really stupid sometimes.)I mean, isnt this what a two way conversation sounds like?Maybe , i've been missing something.
Of course,just the other day he also insinuated i was getting the body of a 60 year old.I cant quote directly, as i would offend someone else.But here's my thoughts on the conversation bit:
If you talk about other people- you're a gossip.
If you talk about yourself- you're self -centered.
If you make small talk and generalities- you're boring.
If you ask ask alot of questions about the other person, after awhile it sounds like an interview.

So what in the world does one, do?
I thought about trying to have a conversation without using the word "I".
Try to imagine that.
I also remembered a few months back, when i started letting others carry the converstaion, while i just listened more. After about two weeks , the long silences and lack of new topics started getting the better of me, so that stopped.I felt obligated to fill the voids.On some occasions when i didnt, and just waited for the other person to continue, they abruptly stated they had to go.
I do try to be a lively conversationalist.Perhaps i should do recitations of Shakespearean drama, or practice from my "Anecdotes for all Occasions" book. Yes, i do own one.
Additionally, this friend also suggests that maybe menopause is the reason that i am so sensitive to things lately.
So here's the great picture i now have of myself:
1. I am fat & old
2. I am self centered.
3. My view on the world is altered because i'm getting closer to menopause.

Geeze...I guess i 'm just going to start wearing a shirt that says "I'm Insecure."
But, as a credit to the friend, he sometimes ends the converstation with "I love you"- the three words that make it all better...... right?


Blasé said...

ok, you asked for it...

Did you really think that the kids of today would act mannerly and be respectful of you giving them the candy for the taking?? Are you that naive? OF COURSE they were selfish, why should they not be when people allow them to get by with it?

And, you allowed kids that were not playing by the rules (not in Halloween gear) to benefit from the game. You are not going to gain respect from others (especially from those that you complain about treating you bad) if you don't take a stand and set your boundaries. Damn!

oh yeah, ..I love you! :)

Blasé said...

Hey Diva Darlin'

The sooner you remove that sign on your back that says-"I'm weak, please abuse me, I'll forgive you"....the sooner the people you complain about will treat you with respect.

..I still love you

nirvana diva said...

Wow. Wow.harsh dude.Chose one response from the following:
1.right. got it. should i use a smith & wesson? a glock? or just a browning?, i didnt mean to incite your inner whitney! seriously, i can really picture the head bobbing! i detect a little bit of DR. Phil envy ? how's that advice workin' at home?
4.these are the comments i print out & forward to my cousin vinny in the bronx....
really, dude...if you cant piss & moan on your own blog site where can you piss & moan?
oh wait! were you trying to make me attack you BACK?!
will this make me stronger?!

lol! if you dish it out....but seriously, i do stand up for myself,i just dont give a play by play on the conversations here.;)
p.s.- i'll consider that little slogan for the OTHER side of my t-shirt!have a good one!

nirvana diva said...

just kidding around with ya darlin'!a little sarcastic humor..and i love you, too!

Blasé said...

Well, at least I know what I have to do to get you to publish my comments in less than 3 days, like you usually do. I guess I have to 'hit a nerve' with you and that will guarantee a quick publish.

Don't confuse my tender love of correction, with "harsh". Telling it like it is, is not the same as being harsh. Believe me, it hurt me much worse than it hurt you...with the spanking I gave you.

Now, do yourself a favor by taking heed to the advice of Blasé will do you good in the long run.

and always remember, I love you more!

nirvana diva said...

lol! didnt hit a nerve, just tickled my funny bone!sorry about the publishing thing. i was just online at the time and got the notification email so i published & commented back right away. normally , i dont check my email box that much.
oh, and thanks for the spanks...i enjoyed them very much!lol!