Monday, November 16, 2009

This Week

Went to visit my cute little 2 month old niece yesterday. What wasnt so cute is that after only 2 hours in the house with their dogs, it took me all night & all of today to get my nose unstuffed.
Well, could be that i had to spend a bunch of hours cleaning my formidable house today.
So , what?
I cant clean or visit relatives?
What deity did i p*ss off to get such a punishment? (Just kiddin there, God)
Anyway, i did manage to get in a 4.5 mile run. Great weather and i got to spray a vicious attack poodle. Two plusses for the day.
Tomorrow, i get to go visit a little girl i took care of (nursing) since she was 4 months old. Finally got decannulated and is healing in a hospital in Philadelphia.She's my favorite case..hands down! and even though it's great that we got her through these two years and she's all better, she will no longer get nursing- bittersweet, indeed.
And (drumroll, please) i start my training this week withn the hospital. So i wont be on any nightshifts.
In fact, my blogging may suffer during this time period, so please bear with me!i will be on a crazy ( and so far, unknown) work schedule. I have two jobs with my agency to schedule yet, and i have the one with the hospital.I am very nervous in so many ways...send prayers please.
I am also hoping being busy will ease my insecurities a bit.
It's been a rough year for me in that area and i cant pin down the exact reason. All i can do is hope i grow out of it!
Lately, i've been compensating for this awkward phase by running & reading. I actually finished the 7 books of the Harry Potter series and am on the 3rd book of the Twilight series. These have become escapes for me.
My friend keeps telling me everything is related to menopause( which i havent even begun to experience, by the way) including my sinuses.Maybe , though, my menopause started in High School , and that''s why i cant make friends with women...ha!
Later peeps!

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Blasé said...

You read Harry Potter??? HAAHAAHAA

When your Blog suffers, we all suffer...Hunker Down!