Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sweet Relief

A doctor at work says that alot of my medical symptoms sound like a toxic reaction to artificial sweeteners. A nurse was talking to him about her past events with aspertame poisoning. I started paying attention when i heard her describing symptoms that resembled my own- chronic fatigue, dizziness, etc. She said they did a brain scan that showed lesions & thought she had MS. After 5 spinal taps, another doctor checked it and said he thought it may not be.He recommended she stopped all intake of diet sodas, and other artificial sweeteners and within 4 months her symptoms were gone. But it took 5 years for the lesions to go away!She had even started having signs of a swelling brain stem(on an MRI) prior to figuring out what the problem was.
This doctor says it applies to ALL sweeteners(nutrasweet, splenda, sweet n low)with the exception of Stevia- possibly since it's an herbal extract.He says stick to sugar and gradually you will feel less need for the "sweet" taste, thereby reducing your intake of it.Apparently, using the sweeteners over a long time increases your desire for sweets.
So i stopped using it , it's been only a few days and already i feel 100 times more clear minded. I cannot believe it. Even my allergy symptoms seem to be lessened. Maybe it's all in my head, right?
I'm open to that idea. But i will let you know if i keep seeing any improvements...

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