Monday, November 9, 2009

Snort & Sneeze

i am gonna reach right out there and BEG for someone to give me some NEW advice on handling or curing my allergy symptoms.
By "new" i mean something that isnt listed by the Asthma & Allergy foundation of America, medlineplus,The american lung association, or any of the top 10 search related answers on google or yahoo search engines.
I have estimated that , every day(no, i'm not exxagerating)these are the things i do to ease my symptoms:(all while wearing a dust mask)
1.vacuum & sweep the tile & wood floors
2.wipe most of the kitchen & bathroom surfaces with clorox wipes
3. wipe 4-5 doorknobs with clorox wipes
4.groom the cats with brush & spray with dander/saliva remover
5. scoop cat litter air purifier on auto
7.use saline nasal rinse > 10 times during waking hours
8. blow my nose(uncountable times) with hypoallergenic tissue
9.use cough drops & a mask, plus vaseline on my lips while sleeping (because of dry mouth from only being able to breathe through my mouth).i also use a moist cloth over my eyes most of the time to relieve watery/itchy eye symptoms
10. wash my hands constantly, especially if i touch my cats

Total waking hours spent on relieving symptoms = 3-4 daily

1. wash all bed linens
2. vacuum & mop all floor surfaces
3.research websites for ideas to reduce allergy symptoms

Total weekly hours spent on relieving sypmtoms(In addition to above)=4-5

1. i dont have any curtains, only mini blinds(which i replace once a year)
2. have very little carpeting in my home, & that will be removed in the next year or two very healthy , exercise , and do everything i know to maintain a healthy immune system
4. do not allow smoking in my home
5. keep the dog in the basement, and rarely go down there( exceptt to deliver meds & check on her at times)because of the dirt, pollens & dust brought in through the dog door
6. and recently i had this surgery, which i think only made things worse
7. change my house filters FAITHFULLY every 3 months
8. keep cats out of the bedrooms
9. i have tried Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, Flonase, Astelyn, Vera Mist, and about 10 over the counter products-all make it worse

As you can see, most of my life revolves around seeking relief.
I am sick of being sick. I cannot figure out what the h*ll else to do and am truly frustrated. Tomorrow i have my follow up with the ENT who did my surgery. Hopefully he will refer me to an allergist.

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