Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quick Update

So i am almost completely recovered.No more bleeding, no pain.
But i am still not breathing properlyy thru my nose so we shall see. i was told the surgery may not help, but i was seriously putting alot of hope in it.
The next step in the allergy saga took place tonight.We bought an air purifier. We may get another if it seems to be working, but those dang things are expensive!!After that we may buy a Roomba to be sure all the floor gets vacuumed before i get up.I will probably also see an allergist.
These darn pets are gonna bankrupt us. My dog cost us another $150.00 at the vets today & is on 3 meds now, in addition to stool softener, a vitamin , and glucosamine.We will be purchasing a new orthopedic bed for her soon as her old one is worn out. Phew!
No more pets. ever again!
Anyway, i am proceeding with the plans for my new job as well as pursueing another offer as a supervisor for my current agency. Both jobs will give me excellent experience and look great on my resume. I'm in for at least 2 years of it anyway before i can use the experience to get better pay. It's kinda like having a 2 years internship (like in med school) only it's self-imposed!
So thats's the news.
I'm considering another hairstyle change soon, so i guess that's on the horizon as well.
But at the moment, i'll just stew about not being allowed to run for another week.


Blasé said...

I haven't said anything about it yet, but I will now. I had surgery similiar to what you had. It didn't correct my breathing, and I'll never have my nose operated on again unless it is life threatening.

You will make a great RN, I'm sure of it.

It doesn't matter what your 'new hair style' will be. You would be attractive if you were bald. So Hot, you are!

nirvana diva said...

thanks ...i am not sure if i will have any other surgery either.but i have to keep trying solutions.3 decades is long enough to suffer with allergies!!btw..i lost your just says psbreal under my contacts....weird.