Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Fine, Really.

Last night i agreed to go to a case that i really dont like and even stay an extra hour in the morning. Then my scheduler called & asked me to go there again tonight & would i work an 11 hour shift and she would pay me an extra $3/hr. Since i've been off for so many days i agreed, grudgingly.
Last night was not bad.The child was easy, slept well, etc.
Tonight i get here & , of course, i remember all over again why i hate coming here.
First the whole family was in visiting from out of state. They are, in fact, a lovely family & since i know them well they were very warm in greeting me. Then they stayed up drinking wine for a bit which was also fine.
At about 11:00 mom comes in and informs me that her mom is sleeping in her bed so she will be sleeping in bed with the child, in the same room i am in. ARRRGGHHH!I HATE that! It is one of my biggest pet peeves in homecare.
Do these parents know how uncomfortable it is for the nightshift nurse to have to try to do her thing when the parent is lying in bed with the child? Not only is trying to maneuver the kid more difficult, it is also extremely uncomfortable trying to be extra quiet to not wake the sleeping parent .(even though they insist it wont)Then you have to deal with being watched like a hawk while you do things (like eating lunch) because everything you do makes noise and wakes them, which in turn wakes the kid. Guess what the parent does when they wake the kid? they turn over & let the nurse deal with it.
I swear, never again.
As much as i used to like this family, i WILL NOT do this anymore. It's one thing when you open a new case and the parent does this for a bit. I can undertsand that- they are nervous and need to learn to trust you, plus they are really glad to have their kid home and want to be with them a lot for a few days. But i have been caring for this one for over 4 years. I've been on vacation with them, slept in their extended familys home, and driven their cars for Pete's sake.
Oh well, only another 8 hours...(teeth grinding).

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