Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eye-Opening Experience

I am actually watching the Thanksgiving day parade. What a blessing after a full week!My down time has become so precious.
I spent the week in a blur, wondering if i was going to make it through. One thing on my mind is the fact that i havent ran since saturday. I have a 5k to run december 12th, and i am getting worried i'll be panting like a dog!
Another thing i noted since starting work at the hospital is that so many have eyebrow issues, I mean, what is the deal with that? The arches are Cruella Deville high. Or they are plucked to extinction,or they are using some weird blue colored eyebrow pencil to fill in, or they have a serious werewolf unibrow.
I have no idea why i noticed this, but now i find i cannot STOP noticing it. I guess there's just too many in one grouping.
I am in the process of organinzing myself for supervisory visits. i have a full day of running around tomorrow.I truly need a planner by next week.And a file box. And folders. Right now i have a pile of papers (for both jobs).It creates more stress just looking at it.
Still struggling with allergy problems. And still dealing with a dog getting older & more senile.
I have almost finished the "Twilight" book series and am searching for a new series to dig into.
Other than that, no news.
But one thing i do know....i will be working hard not to let my eyebrows become the bane of my face.
Well, i hear Hubbs waking up so i better get going...only one day to spend with him til who knows when!

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