Thursday, November 12, 2009

A bikini pic was requested...

However, this is the only thing close for 2009..sorry!
Today was semi-productive.I had to get up early again to meet with our company exec to go over my new job description.It actaully sounds interesting. This one is the clinical management/ supervisory one. One the other hand ,
I STILL havent gotten my schedule from the hospital, despite several converstaions with the nurse manager. i even stopped in today (in person) to see if she could give it to me rather than wait for the email, but she wasnt working.
At least i was handed a card with her email address. I really need that schedule so i can get on with my planning.
Right now , i am at work. This house is freezing.The baby is nice & warm snug in her fleece onesie and having a heated, humidified ventilator attached to her being. But i am suffereing numb finger until tomorrow......;)

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