Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A better day!

Feeling much improved today!
Even though my nose hurts to touch it, it is no longer bleeding and i am up & about the house.
I was , after all, on the verge of getting bedsores!My back hurt so bad, i made it a point of getting up at 6am and staying on my feet mostly for a few hours.
The morning was pretty boring, and i even looked up my nose with a flashlight.Pretty yucky stuff, and i hope that the side they fixed will be clearer when the inflammation goes down.
My mom stopped by today with two of my favorite dishes!Banana pudding & Chicken Corn Soup!they were delicious & right on time since i got my appetite back just this morning!Thanks mom!
Also, i was offered a nursing position tuesday at the place i interviewed with. I will be working 12 hours shifts. The training is dayshift for 4 weeks then i go to night shift.This ought to be interesting over the holidays.
Another nurse just informed me that after several years with the same agency i work for she isnt getting any work and has had to go for a part-time supervisory position in the company-something she didnt want to have to do.
So i am truly glad i was offered this position. It may be difficult to adjust, but a job is a job in this economy.
My dog bite is also much better. You can hardly see it..yay!
On the downside of things, the Dr. said i cant run for 2 weeks. But i'm going to dicuss that with him a my follow up appt. monday.I just do NOT want to go that long without running, unless i absolutely have to.
Well, me thinks my husband is home so i gotta scat!

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Blasé said...

That is great news about your job. Glad all is healing well. If I lived close by, I would have given you some chicken soup, or something...