Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back in it!

Well, i got a small response to my begging on facebook. i've been urged to see an allergist. two friends say it was the best thing they ever did. Unfortunately, my ENT did not give me that referral today. He says to wait & give it a few weeks or months. He says i have some inflammation still.I don't know. I think i'll wait a few weeks then ask my family DR. to give a referral.
Hmmm, no one on blogger offered anything.. .. of course maybe it's because i have so few readers !I'm not really into the whole "readership " game, nor am i creative enough to believe i could keep anyone interested even if i did get more readers!
Alas, it is just a glorified journal for me- to vent, exude, mourn , and record. But never to gain the love of internet readers. That's just too much like work!
But, on a positive note- the Dr. DID give me the greenlight to run again! So i went on an "easy" 3.5 miler today and it was BRUTAL. i was cramping and wheezing the whole last mile or so.i tell ya, taking only a week or so off just completely sets me back. Not to mention the pain meds, schedule change and lowered immune system having their effects.
I have confidence that i'll be back to my usual within a few runs.
Oh and Blase...just checking to see if you're paying attention...i like Kelly Ripa, and Kathy Lee as well.One is married to one of the most gorgeous men in America (that has to count for something!)plus she has the stamina to sit next to a crumudgeon every morning with a smile. And the other one , well, she tries real hard, smiles a lot, and wants the best for her kids- i admire those qualities in anyone! there!


Blasé said...

I'm ALWAYS paying attention to YOU, you beautiful thang, you!

I didn't offer any advice on your allergy situation because I don't have anything to offer.

Fyi-maybe if you would wear a'd get more readers?? I'm sure you would!!!

nirvana diva said...

i will oblige as soon as i can get my dern scanner to work again! i have tons of pics from dabbling in modeling about 10-12 years ago.and i do mean "dabbling". however, now that i am 42, i only wear one pieces!lol!

Blasé said...

A One piece will be just fine, two will be better... Just Bring It! (recent preferred)