Sunday, November 22, 2009

..And a nice cup of hot Peppermint tea

A hot steamy bath.
A warm foot soak.
Cool cloth over my forehead.
3 tylenol,
a heating pad, and
a good book.
This is not a christmas list.
This is what it has taken to get me into bed for the past two days with a mind to get up & do it again the next day.
I wish i could say it has only been a 12 hour shift. But i rise at 4:30am & get home after 8pm.It leaves precious little time for anything right now...other than sulking & sleeping.
So please, pardon the interuption.
I am not ignoring anyone, or crapping out on my blog.
But think about a day of blood, mucous , vomit, and having your feet grow 2 sizes in two days and you may get the point.
I miss my time here... and again , i will be back...just a haitus......

1 comment:

Blasé said...

I wish it was better for you. You have to make the calls that are best for you. Only you know what you are able to handle.

Be good to yourself