Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adjustment Period

Well, i'm still alive.
Sorry if i havent been able to answer emails, etc. Just been extremely exhausted, trying to deal with the schedule change, the traffic, learning the new job stuff, and still do my regular fitness stuff.
I am realizing i need to re-think ALOT of things-dinner & lunch menus for example. I cannot afford to eat in the cafeteria(a stupid salad is like $8.00) and i havent had much time to even cook dinner on a regular 8a-4:30p takes an hour then to get home. Plus, i am tryng to figure how to run SAFELY now because either end of my day is dark.Lotsa problems there- no shoulders on the roads i run, my hubbs reflective vest is too big, plus dogs in the dark=not good.
So i cannot begin to figure how to do anything other than eat a meal then go to bed on my 12 hour work days(which will actually wind up being about 13.5 with drive time).
And guess what?yes, more whining...
This is only the ONE job.
The other one is lots of driving , all over the place ,during the day when it's convenient for the family or the nurses or the agency, and who knows what else. Nothing like a regular shift..sigh...
But i know that i will be learning lots and someday, i'll make the big bucks....BUT

i think i'll just go to bed now...zzzzzzz

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