Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trick or Truth

Gist of my weekend.....
1. Treats:
-Early to bed sat AND sun nights
-reading a great novel series
-warm gingerbread topped with whip cream and some hot apple cider
-taking a brisk walk in the cool night air sunday after fri & sat slug shifts
- knockin around in warm , comfy sweats
2. Truths:
- the deal of a lifetime offered to my son
-my dog, tessa, in deeper decline
-ongoing saga of my daughter & her dad
-swine flu blues, a tinge of a cold, and lost work thereof
Now let's get down to that scenerio with the prodigal son....
SCENE: Late night @ our humble abode, son finally graces family with his presence after a weeklong furlow.Son knocks on mom's bedroom door.
Mom: Come in , son. i have a golden opportunity for you. Would you be willing to give up having a girlfriend for awhile to get to go to school , get a car , a better job & your own place?
Son: It would be too hard not to have a girlfriend. i need someone to talk to.

This is of course, an EXTREMELY condensed version of the conversation. But what the ..??
Do you see what i am dealing with? KIDS!!!!I mean, if i got that offer at his age..geeze.

On to the next issue...

On friday evening i got switched out of a case because the kid was admitted to the hospital with swine flu.i had not been in contact with him but had done a case in the past week where some of nurses who had been at that case also did a case i had been at. So sunday night comes and i am told (because i stupidly have a mild cold)that i have no work because i might have been exposed to a kid who was exposed to nurses who were exposed to swine flu.
oh. my. gosh.
Isnt it true that the average person who goes out in public may be exposed to someone who has it or has been exposed to someone else who has it? i mean.puleease!
So, anyhoo- i am told since i havent taken this pill(tamiflu) or been treated for the flu there may be an avalanche of repurcussions for all of the nurses in my boat.
Like, we wont be able to work.
STUPID! what are we???Are nurses to only care for healthy people? This is cold season. So we are now told that if we have ANY respiratory symptoms we have to stay home.
Do they really think that anyone can afford to take off if they have a cold for 2 weeks?
No one has the vaccine.
You dont get tamiflu unless you have the flu.
And tamiflu only treats existing flu not flu you might get later.
The CDC website says the test given for flu doesnt differentiate between swine & other types of flu.
So it's back to "where do i get the immunity i need to be allowed to work?"
It winds up that it doesnt matter.
I am working tonight because after i responded to the phone call to my agency (about how i was feeling today)i have work. I'll be darned if i'm gonna say i might have a cold.
I spent the day running errands , putting in 5 job applications and ran a 28 minute 3.2 miler.
Pretty darn good for a potential flu candidate, i'd say.
So- Take that, and i'll work unless i have a fever, or am vomiting(thank you very much).
After all , there are what? over a million different cold viruses out there?!!!
And that's the real TRUTH of it!

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