Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet Sunday

A very great day, i am pleased to report! Church, then a visit with my daughter, a 4mile run (and it felt great!i couldve run another mile or two!) then "time" with hubbs. And the happy ending dessert of a hot bath and a few hours of leisure reading.
Woo-hoo!i am almost done with the 5th Harry Potter book.
Down-side of this week has been a sick kid every night...vomiting, fevers, respiratory(lotsa mucous & suctioning), and just general fussiness.Kinda kills the mellow "me" by morning. And with taking the prednisone (for sinus's) i cannot sleep too well.
I have done 3 back to back runs this weekend. It's going really well, i will definitely be ready for the 5k!
I hear my mom made it to Florida, but as she seems to be ticked at me, she has not called . I had to hear this from my pop-pop(just so you know MOM).
Also, a new case i was to start this week is not to scheduler pulled me off of it because there were apparently "roaches crawling over the nurses feet while they tried to work" . Ewww!
If only people knew what we homecare nurses have to deal with. If it isnt overly controlling parents, dirty homes or working in an unsafe, ghetto area, it's walking into to preventable emergencies,disorganization,& siblings that stay up all night trying to talk to you or hack into your internet service.I tell ya, you gotta love your profession, if you dont , it'll make you one cynical, bitter b*tch.
I am planning on applying at a hospital and an LTAC next week. They are only one of a few that advertise hiring graduate nurses around here. I've been shot down twice already because i dont have any hospital experience, and apparently i need 18 months at least and up to 3 years minimum for a lot of them.oh well, gotta keep trying.
Well, i know this has been a "Dear Dairy" post, but i thought i'd catch anyone up to speed who hasnt been. Hope you're all well, good evenng and good nite!

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