Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Ronald McDonald House

Tonight i am at the Ronald McDonald House for work. For those of you who don't know what this is, it is a facility that allows parents of chronically & terminally ill patients to stay for free during any prolonged hospital stay in The Hershey Medical Center . For instance, the kids who are born premature and need to stay in the hospital until they are stable enough to go home ( the parents of trached & vented kids have to go through an intense daily 6 week program before their child can be released to them on a home vent) or like the case i have tonight. This child is the one with brain cancer who has been recieving chemo, and now will be starting radiation therapy for about 6 weeks next week.The child & parent are staying in this room(like a hotel room) so that they can transport to the hospital each day right across the street. Also this allows for close monitoring of the child during this critical time.I plan to do a bit more research on the place tonight to expand my knowledge base about what protocols are in place for a familys acceptance for a room . It is really quiet here,and mom is sleeping in the room with us. But there is a small sofa and an outlet for the 'puter so it's not too awful.I think mom is having a hard time sleeping since every little noise i make (including typing on the keyboard) can probably be heard for miles.This is her first night here, and i suggested she have someone bring her a radio at least. Theres no tv.
Today i went to see the ENT . I am scheduled to have surgery November 2. Apparently, i will have to get a ride to & from because i will be under general anesthesia, and instead of the 3 expected days off it is now 4-5 days off. This really blows because i had plans to go white water kayaking the 2 days prior & really cant afford to take more days off. But i know i need to have it done a.s.a.p. and before my husbands company changes insurance companies (soon).I have to work out some stuff with Hubbs to see if i need to cancel my trip or not. Really BUMMED about it!
I have been continuing my endeavors to schedule when i will be doing the dollar a day diet. As it stands, with the 5 k race coming up and this now scheduled surgery,so it looks like one week in mid november will be the plan. Although i will be buying for a 30 day plan, i believe 7 days will give me the gist of it.
In any case, this endeavor has been accidentally (perhaps) been leading me to places where i have been ever so enlightened as to the plight of the poor.
For instance, i never realized that in some places , a person must spend over half of their daily pay to purchase dry paper just to start a fire to cook on! Another epiphany- since most homeless people have no where to store thier food, most of it must be purchased daily, in which case it is much harder to save money or stretch any food dollars.I sit and ponder these things at time realizing many other obstacles that i might have to overcome if i became homeless. One big one would be my PRIDE.Like having to wash in public restrooms, using whatever soap was available, having to rotate places i could glean free condiments from so as not to arouse suspicion or get asked to leave.
This post has been longer than intended , but i will likely expand upon this in the future. Until then...

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