Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post Run Proper

So , yesterday i followed a suggested post run sequence. Here it is LOOSELY translated from Runner's World magazine-October 2009 edition:
After your run, in this order:
1. first 5-10 minutes-walk til your breathing returns to an even, normal pattern(cool down)
2. Then do 15 minutes of stretching
3.@ 30-45 minutes eat a carb( i had cheerios with soy milk)
4. then - and this was the worst part! take a 5-15 minute ice bath.i could barely tolerate the 5 minutes. but after i got out it really did feel good! this step is supposed to reduce inflammation.and i didnt have any soreness that night.
5.elevate your legs & feet, relaxing while reading(or tv if thats what you want).

i have to admit , it really did help. I actually wished i would have done it today after weight lifting and biking because i am sore right now!!
I guess i have to work up the courage for that ice bath again!
Today , my mom called me sometime in the past week or two and is dealing with some stressful things. I gave her what advice i could but she is exteremly frustrated. Hopefully she wil be able to enjoy her vacation .
Gotta run- kid cryin"!

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