Monday, October 26, 2009

The New Taboo

So here i am..first 5k! official time 30:51...only because i was sick as a dog, but compelled to fulfill my commitment. i think i look fat here. And i'm only 111lbs! i guess the camera does add 10 lbs..
Upside is, afterwards my hubbs(on the right there) treated me to a shopping treat for running gear...i got the nike+ ipod runners sport pack, a few long sleeve shirts and a pair of tights for those upcoming winter runs.
And , to address my last post:
1. I have been sick with a bad cold since last weds. and
2. couldnt post due to some error message on blogger and
3. my final decision on the whole(negativity) thing is that my son is a taboo topic of conversation due to the fact that i am sure that out of all the people in the world , i have the most experience dealing with him and , therefore, i know what is best for in spite of what anyone else might think.
Yes, i have come to the conclusion that after these many long years that every time i aquiesce to the guilt others have placed on me to do things differently when it comes to my son, the result is always more problems.
So I will no longer bend to the will of others, whether to be harder or softer on him ,and will follow my gut since when i have done this the outcome is immeasureably better.
And maybe someday, i will get the credit deserve. And someone will finally let me feel like i am not too stupid to raise my own son.And that, maybe i did know what i was doing after all.
Enough of that....i am still dealing with my nasty cold.i am truly sick of this whole swine flu thing and am convinced that no matter what one does( handwashing, gel, mask, gloves, etc) we are bound to catch something anyway.My son had a fever of 102.7 last week and was in bed 2 days. I have been staying away from hubbs, and not even going to the gym(constant vigilance!)to avoid touching the equipment.
Now if they can just make those dern vaccines available.....


Blasé said...

You look great in the pic. No one should be getting in your business about your son. Hubby was nice to let you go shopping. Spray the equipment before using it. Peace and Love!

secrets said...

I just happen to think, I get some substantial discounts on base layers for skiing, don't know if they are the same as those for running, but wanted to pass it along.