Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Era Agenda

I've decided what the new era will usher in for me.
It seems that this past year i have spent way too much time getting upset & being offended by other people.
I believe it is actually time to put this to bed.
While it is only human to become upset over an offense, after awhile it becomes impossible to figure out why people do the things they do.
The best & only response is forgiveness, and then moving on.
In fact, it is probable that most people dont realize they have offended someone.And it is also probable that most intentions are not evil .
For instance, while i have hosted many events for my neighbors, there are many times i have noted a get together to which i have not been invited.
Now, it is possible that i have such a crappy personality that no one wants me around. And , indeed, i have entertained & lameneted over this idea.Only to be invited to something afterward, negating the theory.
It is more probable, however, that the get together is being held for a group that has an agenda to which i am not, by choice, or otherwise , a part of. A book club, for instance. Or a family bbq.
In this case, it has taken me a good few years to realize this.
(Additionally, i realize that my work schedule precludes me from many things).
Another for instance would be social networking, which i have addressed many times even on this blog. I have gotten upset because i felt "out of the loop" or ignored. But , recently, i have discovered that it is "I" who have made the choice not to be hooked into a constant conversation on the computer all day.
And in other cases , i realize the things that bond people are not very desirable(to me)- excessive alcohol consumption would be one .School age children would be another- i am so over having that!Glad to have the kids i have , and looking forward to being a grandma, but no desire to raise another set!
In short, no matter what the offense, there is usually a reason behind it.And , even if it is truly rude, hurtful, or one in a series of many over the years, we need to summon up the spirit of forgiveness to overcome it.
And God will take care of the rest.

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