Saturday, October 31, 2009

My children, My heart

Today was my job interview for a perspective hospital job. I had to get up at 12 noon (only 5 hours of sleep). Top that off with an upsetting family issue, sitting in pain on my bruised buttocks and worrying about the pain i'll be in after my surgery-i am not so sure i gave a good interview.
After i got home, i kept thinking of things i should have asked or said.But, alas- no going back. I got a decent feeling that i have a shot at the position.The interviewer was very personable, and when i asked if they were interested in me she said yes. So now, the waiting game begins.

I have to say on a more enlightened note that, in spite of the frustration, recent events have opened my eyes to something i had never given too much thought to.
The type of love i have for my children.There are many ways parents show love to their children.There is putting a roof over their heads. There is buying them gifts.There is giving them advice.And there is taking them to the doctor when they are ill.I have a special type of love for my kids and although this isnt a "religious" blog, please indulge me a few lines.

  • I pray that i will always have the closeness and physical affection i share with my children, even now that they are adults.
  • I pray that i will always love them with my whole heart,that time will not wear me down, ,and
  • putting inconvenience aside,give generously of my own time, affection,and support
  • I pray that i will always make them feel special and cared for, and that they
  • know that they can look to me for help when they need it and always come first
  • I pray that by example they will learn the value & wisdom of forgiveness, kindness, and love over their own desires
  • And , most of all, i pray that they will never feel lost, or unloved, and if they do that i will care for them until they are well again.

I have become grateful for so many things lately as well.

  • I am grateful that my children still call me or text me everyday, sometimes several times a day.
  • I am grateful that my children still enjoy my company, and that we are still close.
  • I am grateful that i enjoy them, and would even if they were not my own.
  • I am grateful that i did not have abusive, or alcoholic, or drug addicted parents
  • I am grateful that God has taken care of me and my kids, even when i didnt know it.

When the world keeps spinning and things are really crazy, its no small blessing to know...

That you have your family.

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