Saturday, October 3, 2009

Motherus Visitus

Well, even though nothing exciting happened today i did get a spontaneous "visit" from my son & his girlfriend.
Yes, i've become one of those moms. I have moved from the realm of having live in kids, to getting "the maintainence visits".
I love my kids.
I miss them.
It wasnt that long ago when they were both here and driving me (lovingly)nuts!
So, after spending my day cleaning, making pumpkin bread, walking the dog ,i am now settling in to watch a movie and perhaps read a bit.
Do you see why i resort to weird measures to break the monotony?
My dalmation ,Tessa, is on even more meds now, owing to a visist thurs . to the vet where they were supposed to express her anal glands and clip her nails. Lo & behold, and as usual, instead of a simple and inexpensive 15 minute appointment, i wound up being there an hour (allergies in an uproar) and spending $140.00 .What a racket. They said she may have an infection (glandular abcess)so now she is on even more pills. And one is twice a day.
I love my pets, but much like the kiddos, they can be stressful and expensive at times.
Well, Halloween is almost here and i will not be in the 'hood this year to hand out candy. A friend & i are going white water kayaking.He says the temps are gonna be pretty low.
We have planned on camping as well, but only because i cant afford much at the moment . A warm room would be nice, and there'd be a lot less packing. maybe if i can sell the house before then...just kidding!
I cant wait !
Other news...i'm back to running- was out twice this week. the second run sucked though since i started out nauseaus.
Gotta Fly!

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