Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Year/This Year

The grass may look greener on the other side, but you're still gonna have to mow when you get over there ,too.
In that light, let me begin.
Blame it on the full moon (or at least a really big moon) or because i'm premenstrual or perimenopausal or postnasal.Whatever!....
I have been dwelling today. A bit depressed really, a bit sentimental . Really doing a number on myself.
"Last year was so much better than this year. "
"How can things have changed so much?"
" Why do i have less ambition....less energy.....?"
"Why do i insist on reminiscing constantly?"
" We did this, that, and the other thing last year."
" I just remember enjoying myself so much more last year."
...and on & on.
So, i have decided to make a short list of the difference a year makes.Let's Go!

Last Year:
1.I was a blonde most of the year
2. My daughter came to live with me
3.I was doing Yoga twice a week
4.I travelled ALOT
5.I took my mom on quite a few ventures, and it was the first time she came on vacation with us.
6.My daughter got her tonsils out
7. My son was still dating his long-time girlfriend and had a lot of freinds
8.I was studying almost every night
9.I went camping
10. i got a new car

This year:
1.I am a brunnette
2. Both my kids have basically moved out (my son techinically still lives at home, but he's 18 & not home much)-sigh- empty nest.
3.I began running
4.I have only travelled 3 times
5.My allergies are TERRIBLE
6. Our lawn is improving
7.I've lost my life long desire to clean my house. I only do it with hatred now.
8. My dog is declining and costing us a small fortune
9. I became an RN
10. I hosted Easter Dinner, a Graduation party,an engagement dinner,a baby shower, and will be having Christmas dinner
Things have really taken a turn in so many ways. I hope that next year bi can finally decide what direction my life will take. I havent had much luck with applying for jobs- no experience in a hospital setting as an RN.And these online apps are a pain....i refuse to do anymore of them. One little lapse in service and the you lose the whole thing.
But i'll at least try to be positive.
Despite my aching back, sore nose,nausea & cramps tonight. And start look forward to my next saturday night off!

So, todaysFunFactor: while i was at the gym tonight i decided to try to imagine which mythical creature group each person would be- an elf, goblin, unicorn, centaur, minotaur, fairy, etc.I firmly believe that we should still engage our imaginations as adults. And, what the hay-- it sure made things more interesting!

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Blasé said...

#1 that's a GOOD thing!

#9 keep at it, we need you