Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Fallout

I am DONE. After everything i have done for a certain family member she has really p*ssed me off.
And she just doesnt get it.
I am tired of playing second fiddle to another "family member". They always come first for her.
I have tried & tried to spend time with her- taking her to plays, ice capades, picnics, inviting her on vacation, etc. Tried to help her out & show i care.
Every thing i do seems to be in vain.
In fact, i am still just sick of everyone acting like i can just be blown off.
I am a good person.
I am a good friend.
I am a good daughter.
I am a good neighbor.
I go out of my way for people. And i just keep getting written off.
The only people who actually pay me any respect or support anymore are my in laws, my daughter and (usually) my husband. So that's who i'll be spending my time , love & energy on.
A new era is about to begin.
No longer will i seek the approval of my family or friends .I see now that my husband has been right all along.All we need is each other.
I am no longer going to be Mrs. Nice Guy- hosting dinners, sending cards, thinking of how i can help, bringing gifts to people, etc.
I figure at this point,if they want me , they can call or come see me.
Otherwise, i'm lookin out for # one, and those who have actually shown me that i matter.

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