Saturday, October 10, 2009

Freedom Fighter

"How many times do we miss God's blessings because we can't see past our own desires?"- a quote from an unknown author.
I came upon this tonight as i was looking for some direction . The story was told about a young man who recieved a bible for graduation, got angry with his wealthy father because he was expecting a sports car. The son went on with his life , not speaking with his dad and when the father died he went to collect his inheritance. The son again saw the bible he'd left at his dads house many years ago and when he picked it up the key to the car and receipt that it was "paid in full" fell out of it.
Really put a chill in me.How often we DO miss our blessings!
Lately i had mentioned dwelling on the past year and having misgivings about what my future hold as an empty nester.
Tonight my thoughts have culminated in this:
Extreme gratefulness for the many, many blessings everyday that are so often overlooked. Particularly the one which hit me like a storm tonight .
Of the many blessings i have counted,I had never realized or considered the value of that . As i lay my head on my soft pillow, clean linens , wearing clothes that fit me, on a firm mattress with a roof over my head it suddenly hit me how free i am.
I get to choose when i lay down & get up. Which clothes i want to wear. When i turn my lights on & off. What books i want to read. Which food & beverages i want to consume.If i want to take a bath.
It frustrates me that so many in this world(more than we would like to think on) dont have these choices. In fact, many are slaves- sex slaves, sweatshop workers,victims of AIDS (possibly passed to them by a parent),and some are just so poor they are at the mercy of those who would take advantage.Lots have no clean water. Some are homeless . Many are beaten in the streets.Some are imprisoned without a trial.
That as we go about our day,
We stop......... & remember to live intensely grateful for our choices.

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