Thursday, October 29, 2009


On the positive side, i ran 6.5 miles today! So proud of my self. i ran 5.5(in 38:38), then walked up a long, long hill, then ran another mile home.
And, lo & behold! What was my reward for this personal best? I was almost home, when my neighbors dog ran out in the road and bit me in the arse -not once, but twice! HARD!I have 3 bite marks & several bruises!
this is the sweetest golden retriever & has never done anything like that!I have walked past a thousand times, even with my dog and he has never run at us or out of the yard. I suspect 2 things:
a. The teenage son who had just opened the door to let him out forgot to turn on the invisible fence( or they dont have one, or it aint workin'!)
b. the dog just got over excited seeing someone running and was play-biting

I dont blame the dog- you know, instincts & all that.
I called their house twice for the parents to contact me to be sure he's up to date on his shots. Otherwise i gotta go get treated . I havent had a tetanus booster i dont think, so this is a real concern.
Aside from all that , i am more concerned that any dog would do that in a neighborhood with a boatload of young children who are constantly running in the street.Right in this very immediate area.I mean, we have several familys with 4-6 children who play sports in their yards, running in the street for balls, etc!
This also has enlightened me to the fact that i now have to get pepper spray to carry. i avoided getting it since i had only considered it being used for muggers , etc.and since i run in well populated areas in daylight, i felt i didnt need it. I had never stopped to think that at any given time i might encounter a biting animal.
One can never really predict what a dog might do, even if it has never done something before.
I had read stories, but now i will be taking more precautions.
I also have to inform these dog owners(if they ever call me back) that i will be utilizing said pepper spray on the dog if i have to in the future.
i dont want to, i hate the thought of doing that to such a normally sweet, docile animal. But it is only reasonable to protect myself from bites.
This comes on the heels of my preparation for next weeks surgery.
I surely dont wanna worry about rabies!

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