Friday, September 4, 2009

Writers Block

Sorry i havent been posting. Having a bit of writers block.
Just to catch up the family/freinds- My husband has decided that my son is going to stay with us now. The plan is that he will give us a % of his checks as "rent". Unbeknownst to him, it will be saved for a security deposit & first months rent. In my heart , i know he isnt ready to go out on his own & we are both afraid he will panic & make some bad choices out of desperation which may affect the rest of his life.
Like theft, etc.
I also know, though, deeper in my heart that he may never change or be ready. What we have right now is a temporary fix.The other side is that he has to look for better work, and do something about his car situation.If only he hadnt wrecked the first car we gave him his whole situation wouldve been different. He would have decent transport, money saved up and a better chance.
In other news...
ONLY 10 DAYS TIL VACATION!wahoo!I will be soon packing and getting ready for some much needed alone time. I'll be completely alone for the first few days. I dont even know what to think of that.I hear facials, book reading, eating, sunning, and of course blogging calling my name.
I've been at a new case , and the first few weeks are always an adjustment period. The vent was set too sensitively and was alarming constantly last night. Tonight baby is restless and satting low, sometimes with high heart rate. Unnerving , especially till you know the kid & what their norms are gonna be.
Also, we are still prepping for our 5k. Hubbs has run with me 3 times this week and has been ahead of me by about 4 mins each times. Kudos to him.
And , so , for now, i gotta go. Duty calls and the catching up is done. Still waiting patiently to be an auntie...Later!


Blasé said...

"writer's block" my FOOT!

..less excuses please, and more results...thank you very much!

Me and SB are taking off to the Beach today and will return on Monday evening.

nirvana diva said...

how bout LESS pressure to post everyday & MORE time to relax! Geeze!