Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Didnt post the last two nights. havent had a lot to say. I did get stung by a bee, pinched by a laundry basket, and chaffed by running shorts yesterday.Then today we had a medical examiner come for a life insurance policy so we had to fast 4-6 hours, the she was an hour late(which took me to 14 hours without food) then got stuck by a needle for the blood draw.
So over all the last few days were ouchie.
Hubbs & i ran the 4 mile loop& biked 4 on monday. today was arm day at the gym. Tomorrow i take the kid to his last counselor appointment before he turns 18. After a few events with him this week, i am feeling extremely confused as to whether i can live with kicking him out. He is truly lost. I guess i'll figure it out.
I have decided to have a cook out at my house this weekend for a few nieghbors but at this late date i dont know how many will come. only one has said yes, and that is the couple that decided to not have a party at the last hour.
Anyway, i hope to have a better post this week . The countdown is truly on for the beach now, so i'm getting excited!

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