Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Update

From the lavender surf rolling in while i laze about in my robe, to the soft sandy carpet my feet play with while lounging with a book - what is there not to love about the beach?
I will tell you.
1.mosquitos- only a slight problem the past few days
2. missing the days i had alone in this place- now surrounded by family since thursday
3.the spotty internet service
4.(and this is my own fault)-malfunctioning bowels. yes, i have been eating terribly- and , not only do i feel like a complete slug, i really need to go buy some kind of laxative today.
My husband arrived Weds. night and his parents arrived thursday afternoon. And, although his mom is wonderful, she cooks too well, and you simply cannot put a dish down or she will scoop it up & wisk it away to the sink for immediate scrubbing.She enjoys doing these things for others . It gives her pleasure. I love her for it, but it is a bit unnerving.
My daughter & her fiance came friday night and we spent most of saturday going to Ocrakoke.We all played Trivial Pursuit in the evening and they had to leave sunday by noon. Then at about 2:30 pm MY parents arrived.
I wasnt on the welcoming commitee since we were fishing on the sound side and returned by 5:30. We watched "The Gladiator" and went to bed.
My hubbs hasnt really caught any fish this week but keeps trying(God love him) .
So there ya have it - an update. I hope to post one more time before i leave with a few more pictures.
Until i am regular again.......adios~!

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